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“There are only two kind of watch enthusiast in this world, those to talk about watches and those who mod them”


  • Experience the art of watchmaking with the world’s first Watch-Modding-Kit: MINT EVOLUTIVE. Indeed, you do not only acquire a MINT EVOLUTIVE timepiece, rather you select your modding kit with watchmaking tools and a vast array of parts & accessories.

    Born out of a passion, MINT EVOLUTIVE brings unprecedented promises of quality, reliability precision and choice to the world of watch-modding. The brand main value is to offer unlimited interchangeability through ‘easy to customize’ tools and parts.

    We develop our unique bezel swap system that allows you to change the look of your watch in a matter of seconds. Our “Bezel Removing Blades” made of the strongest polymer on earth will allow you to disassemble the bezel without taking any risk of ever scratching the case of your watch.

    At Mint, we can ensure you quality and perfect fitting of our parts as we only supply accessories dedicated to our timepieces.

    Watch-modding has never been safer and easier, to prove to you how confident we are in our product if you don’t succeed or damage your watch while swapping the bezel, we’ll issue you a full refund.

  • * To be eligible for an order refund, modding operations must be video recorded, done with our tools and following instructions form our video tutorial or user manual.


Aside from the fact that parts for SKX007 aren’t supply by Seiko and that third party suppliers will never guarantee you perfect fitting, you just have to look at the numbers to see what makes sense.
  • Seiko SKX007 on Rubber - 270 USD
  • Sapphire crystal with AR - 40 USD
  • Super Oyster bracelet - 60 USD
  • Rotating Bezel - 45 USD
  • Bezel insert - 25 USD
  • Nato Perlon Strap - 16 USD
  • Spring bar remover, Screw driver, Bezel knife - 30 USD
  • Watch back press closer to put the bezel back on the watch - 20 USD

For a Total of 506 USD + 45 USD additional shipping charges due to the weight of the tools, so we are looking a total cost of 549 USD

With MINT EVOLUTIVE, you are getting a Timepiece with Accessories and Tools for only 349 USD shipping included which makes you save 200 USD or 36%.

With this extra cash you can buy 6 additional bezels with Inserts and a rubber or a suede strap to get even more possibilities to play around with your watch.

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