The Tropic Rubber Band

Tropic straps were originally developed in the 60’s, swiftly becoming the reference on vintage iconic dive watches. The TUDOR Snowflake Ref. 7016 for the French Navy was delivred on tropic straps.

These straps were the first rubber straps ever to be released.

They are easily recognizable by their basket weave pattern, and one of the most significant features of these straps is their longevity.

The rubber material is extremely soft and comfortable, and it is much lighter than metal bands.

Anyone with an interest in scuba diving will have used these at some point. They have been in existence since the 70’s but have become scarce, now being considered as a collectible item.

Our tropic strap mold is based on an original N.O.S "TROPIC" strap that was purchased from a Flea Market in the South of France. Tropics are the way to go for divers and tactical watches.