The Perlon Strap

This nylon fibre-based strap is said to have originated from the spur strap in Europe.

They are easily recognizable by their breaded weave pattern. This particularity gives to the strap an extreme amount of breathability and infinite adaptability.

Perlon straps are made of nylon 6, which is used as thread in bristles for toothbrushes, surgical sutures, and strings for acoustic and classical musical instruments. It is also used in gun frames, such as those used by Glock, which are made with a composite of nylon 6 and other polymers. They are abrasion-resistant and rarely fray even with continuous use.

These straps dry extremely quickly and do not stretch when wet. Their breathability and durability make them ideal for summer and tropical weather.

They usually come as a one-piece strap which can sometimes lead to accidents with the watch dropping off. For this reason, we opted to use the braided material in nato form which avoids the issue of the watch slipping off the strap.

Perlon straps work beautifully with all manners of watches, from dress watch to diver watch, giving them an authentic vintage appeal.

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