Forging Peace Of Mind With A Piece Of Time

Ask any dedicated watch modding enthusiast how long it takes to learn the ropes of their craft, and you'll be met with a tight wince, a shudder, or even a loud groan.

Hours upon hours - that turn into days, weeks, and months - of learning the ins and outs of watch construction from taking apart old watches, nervously trying to put them back together on your own, failing and having no option but to spend the cash and try again with another watch while desperately trying to refer to YouTube videos and old text guides with blurred pictures... This might work for someone who has all the time in the world on their hands, but not for anybody with a busy career, family and social life, constantly buzzing phone, and a million other responsibilities to handle.

And that's not even getting into the cost of it all. Buying the tools themselves can easily set you back a hundred (or two) dollars, and with mechanical watches to practice on ranging from the same price to downright unfairly expensive (plus the cost of parts and straps to help you get a custom look), you can easily set yourself back $500 - $600 without having learned very much.
Of course, you could go the hardcore route and join an exclusive session with an expert watchmaker who will let you watch him performing operations on the watch - but with a price ranging from $200 to over $500, this isn't a viable option for 99% of people either as most of the time these workshops will focus more on the movement itself than the watch assembly.
With MINT, not only have we brought you a top-quality, versatile and stylish watch, but we've solved the issues above as well with our Alpha Watch Modding Workshops.

Forget weeks and months of tinkering and trying to look up everything you can in the creaks and corners of Google or your local library - in one short, 2-hour session you'll know everything there is to know about taking apart and customizing your MINT watch, including:
1. How a mechanical movement works (traditionally the most complicated component of the entire watch - you'll have it down in no time and be the expert when anyone asks)
The main components in a watch (skip this and risk damaging your watch beyond repair)

2. The most iconic vintage watches and their history (never suffer from "Watch Imposter Syndrome" where a guy will have a fancy watch but know next to nothing about it - you'll always be able to have a fascinating conversation about such a sophisticated topic when out at a fancy restaurant or bar.

3. A short presentation of the MINT brand and concept

4. A rundown of the basic modding operations on your MINT watch

5. A full demo of assembly and reassembly of the watch
 to understand all the customization possibilities. (no hard-to-follow YT videos or blurry book guides here - only premium HANDS-ON experience that is impossible to forget and makes you an expert in record time)

As an example of some of the skills you'll have after the workshop, take into account the process of swapping the watch's bezel and insert - a common operation that changes the complete aesthetic of the watch without having to open the case itself. Unfortunately, up until now this has commonly been done with a watchmaker knife, which 90% of the time results in scratches on your watch case, ruining the look and value of your watch.

After the workshop you'll know how to use our specially-designed "Bezel Removing Blades" that are made of a very strong polymer, allowing you to change your watch as you please without risking any damage.

Plus, you'll be part of an exclusive group of like-minded individuals who are all interested in the same thing - showing the world their unique style and personal story with a well designed quality, customized watch. No formal training here - just a casual atmosphere full of laughter and skill-building.

When you consider that you can easily throw away $500 on practice watches and watch tools and another $500 on an expert watchmaker observation session ($1000 and a whole lot of time spent), the Alpha Watch Modding Workshop is a no-brainer for those in the Hong Kong area.

You won't even pay half the normal cost of learning – with our workshop packages aimed at novices and enthusiasts alike, you’ll get the entire experience at a fraction of the time and money.




Become The Expert Craftsman Of Your Watch (And Impress Others With Your Newfound Skill) In Almost Record Time