The story of MINTEVOLUTIVE starts with Hong Kong based French designer, Alexandre Besson. Alexandre’s life took a tragic turn when his father passed away suddenly one day in May. His father led a full and accomplished life and was rewarded with France most prestigious accolade, the Legion d’Honneur, for services rendered both at home with the France Intelligence and abroad as part of an elite Marine Commando. 

With his father’s passing, Alexandre inherited several vintage Seiko watches (SKX007 & SKX 031 purchase in the 70s & 90s in Japan) which started a journey of discovery which turned into a lifetime passion for vintage watches and watch modding. 

Following countless hours of trials and errors modding his father’s pieces, the French designer sought after other rare vintage pieces at auction house of Vintage retailers. As a proud vintage watch fan boy, Alexandre obsessively studied all the details of these historic pieces, from construction specs, to fonts on the dials, to hand shapes, bezel, insert types and just about every elements making these pieces so desirable.

MINTEVOLUTIVE’s DNA is anchored in Alexander’s obsession of details and the versatile man who most embodied Military, Sportsmanship and Diplomatic values, his father. 

Francois BESSON (on the right) with Yoshinari SHIGEMATSU in the 70's.